All the colors you need this Spring

2018 brought an intense amount of colors into fashion. And it's only April. Wherever you'll look on social media, you will notice yellows, pinks, blues, reds, colorful patterns, florals. Literally an overload of color. As beautiful as they look, they are not that easy to style, as connecting colors and patterns is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to fashion. So, how should you do it? See below our guidelines, for styling colors and patterns this spring. 


As beautiful as this color is, it was kind of unexpected how popular it will become. It has taken over both fashion and makeup, even making headlines such as "Gen Z yellow taking over Millenial's Pink", etc. When styling yellow, either go all in for a monochrome yellow look or use corresponding colors. Good examples oranges, reds, warm greens, purples and soft pinks. If you'll go for a patterned yellow, stick to solid colors for the rest. 

Top - Striped Casual Flare Sleeve Blouse, $29.99
Skirt - Casual Denim Mini Skirt, $21.90
Bag - Tote Box Straw Bag, $89.99
Shoes - Office Shoes Cruelty-free, $119.90

For more yellow inspiration, see our yellow collection:


Baby blue, to be precise. A truly spring-like color, as this subtle shade, brings us the hope of seeing blue skies after long winter. Pairs well with darker blues, whites, denim and all possible nude shades. 

Top - Blue Floral Chiffon Blouse, $59.99
Skirt - Super Short Mini Skirt Korean Design $24.99
Bag - White Vintage Mini Handbag, $91.90
Shoes - Minimalist Sandals Cruelty-free, $79.99

For more blue inspirations, check our blue collection:


A fiery color, aiming to be one of the top colors this season. Frequently styled with blue, as they make a unique combination, that most people shied away from in the past. Style it with more red, white, blue, yellow, pink... Actually, style it with anything. In the right shade, red, will work with any color, be it as a main star of the outfit, as well as a simple pop of color. 

Top - Off Shoulder Plaid Chiffon Top Korean Design, $29.99
Skirt - Red Mini Skirt, $39.99
Bag - Bohemian Bucket Straw Bag, $139.99
Shoes - Pointed Toe Flats Cruelty-Free, $89.99

For more red inspirations, check our red collection:

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