A typical rainy day in Vancouver.

Sometime earlier in November, I had the fortune of attending a fancy dinner held at one of Vancouver's Sheraton Hotels.
As a foodie, I was super excited for the dinner. I was told that it was going to be a buffet, and who doesn't like buffets?
While the placement of the tables were excellent for aesthetic photos (I won't be talking about this in detail, since I'm saving it for a possible future post!), the food was not what I expected.
My favorite drink of the night was, without a doubt, the champagne. I ended up having two glasses of it!
It tasted just as champagne should, fizzy and with a slight hint of bitterness. 

A photo of my plate!

The salad was amazing since the cheese's strong flavor brought out the sweetness of the beets. From the mouthful of pasta that I managed to grab, although there were hints of cheese and garlic, the flavor was nowhere near strong enough. The salmon was mostly flavorless, aside from the distinct taste of fish. (I honestly had to force myself to finish the bite I had in my mouth...)

Close-up of my food

Luckily, I had saved the steak so I could enjoy it last (and wash out the flavor of fish from my mouth..) The steak was somewhere between medium and medium well. It was also flavored well, with enough to taste, but not too strong as to overpower the flavor of the meat.  As for desserts, aside from the crème Brulee and the tarts/mini pastries (not pictured), which were great, the parfait and the cakes were mediocre. The strawberry flavoring of the parfait was very artificial, but the texture was wonderfully smooth. For the cakes, there had several flavors, including mango, strawberry, and coffee.

A quick photo of some of the desserts (The cakes were insanely difficult to pick up without messing up the look of the slice...)

The strawberry and mango ones were, again, strikingly artificial. The coffee-flavored cake definitely had a better taste, but was too sweet. 

Overall, I was mildly disappointed. While some of the food, like the salad and the smaller desserts, were extremely well done, the majority of the food definitely left me feeling unsatisfied.


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