Sunday brunch outfit ideas

Sunday, the best day for brunch. And what is the best attire for brunch? An elegant but comfy dress! So here are our propositions for a Sunday Brunch Outfit, starring dresses from our latest collection. 

1. Black minimalism

What can be more synonymous with brunch elegance than minimalism? This is especially great look when you're keeping your brunches a bit more on the formal side as part of your networking activities. 

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2. The comfy chic

Shirt dresses are so in this pre-fall season, especially with the company of stripes and oversized silhouettes. With an outfit like this, it will be your accessories and makeup that will dictate the tone of this look. It can range anywhere from totally chilled look to a sophisticated chic. 

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3. Lady-like wrapped dress

Pre-fall season belongs to green. Although it may seem like not such an easy color to look classy, this simple and elegant wrapped dress is the ideal solution for wearing green this season and looking as classy as it can be. 

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4. Buttoned up and puffy sleeves

 Buttons all the way across an outfit is another trend to look out for this season. A lot of dresses go into a retro-vibes, especially based on the 80's fashion, so puffy sleeves are a good choice if you wanna keep up with the trends. And this dress is a great example of combining all these elements into one piece of clothing. 

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5. A subtle bling 

Brunch-time is an opportunity to let your inner princess out, and what better way to do it then with a subtly shining, off-shoulder dress? You will feel like in a ballroom, ready to outshine everyone else. 

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6. White Lace 

Midi, white lace dress is the definition of elegance. You look both classy and summer-ready with an outfit like this. Pair it with heels, simple accessories and natural makeup for an optimal effect of grace. 

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