Back To School Looks

Back to school season is officially open and brought us plenty of new trends to try out this fall. Here are our top picks on what to wear try in September.

1. Jacquard dress in a funky pattern

Jacquard, a knitted dress is a great choice is you want to have a complete look, without worrying about matching tops/bottoms and accessories. Especially, a one with a fun pattern will make you look outstanding, comfy and you can just add a jean jacket and a pair of sneakers to look great during brunch or at your uni campus. 

2. Androgynous look 

Inspired by the 90's that's the look to go for when you wanna be super comfortable yet still look like you came out of the fashion magazine. And there's nothing simpler than putting this look together. A cap, plain sweatshirt and loose jeans and you're ready to go. 

3. Velvet hoodie

Velvet has been a recurring companion of all the fall trends in the past few seasons and for a good reason. It's warm, soft, perfect for all the 90's inspired looks and always looks vivid and eye-catching, so a velvet hoodie is a definite must-have this September. 

4. Retro jeans

Fall 2018 is definitely a time to take out of the closet all your mum-jeans and dad-sneakers. Except now, we're slowly leaving the 90's zone and moving back all the way to the colorful 80's. So when you're choosing jeans for this fall, go for colorful embroideries and straight shapes. 

5. The sweat-suit look

A full on sweat-suit, consisting of superelastic pants and a casual sweatshirt, is another nod in the 80's direction. Comfortable, warm and is seen in almost every magazine this month. The funkier the colors, the better!

If you're loving our outfits ideas, here are more stuff to catch your eye!

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