Downtown Vancouver is an organized mess of hidden treasures and amazingly underestimated food places. 

Slipping into alleys, past elaborately decorated glass windows, and through hidden entrances, my friend introduced me to True Confections, one of the best cake places that I have ever been to.

devils food vancouver

My favourite photo I've ever taken of downtown Vancouver.

The doorway was small and slightly hidden from view. Although my friend swore that it was worth the long rainy walk (thanks Raincouver), the sketchy looking entrance had me doubting her words.

Walking in, it was definitely a surprise, as the place was a lot fancier and spacier than expected. The cakes were also surprisingly large!

Although they only had one other customer at the time, we did have to wait to be seated, since it was a dessert restaurant.

Interior of the cake place. It was definitely a lot spacier than I expected!
We ended up getting one of the window seats, which I was hoping for, because I wanted as much natural light as possible when taking photos of the cakes.

Our waitress was extremely friendly and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant was pleasantly peaceful.
My friend and I decided on the Yule log - one of the holiday specials, and would be served with warm toffee - and the Devil's Food cake. For drinks, my friend ordered an Americano, while I chose the London Fog.
Americano (upper left), Yule log (upper right), Devil's Food (lower left), London Fog (the bit of the cup by the middle bottom of frame)

I had high hopes for the Devil's Food cake, because my friend told me that it was a must-try. Advertised as a chocolate devil's food cake with chocolate mousse and marshmallow frosting, I could practically hear my sweet tooth calling out to it. 

When our cakes came, we struggled a bit with taking the photo because of the way the restaurant was lit. The overhead lights cast light spots on the dark wooden tables, and there wasn't enough natural light to resolve the issue. It would have been better if we blocked out some of the light with a jacket or a bag, but all of our things were wet from the rain, so we decided against it.  

We started with the Yule log because we wanted to eat it while the toffee was still warm. It might've been because of the cool plate and the cold weather, but the toffee was more room temperature than warm. Still, the cake was amazing! There was a slight cinnamon-y and gingerbread-y flavour to it, and the cream wasn't overwhelmingly sweet.

Since the slices were so big, finishing half of the Yule log already had us partially full, but we had to at least eat some of their signature cake. 

And boy, was it deserving of my friend's praise! The cake was fluffy and soft and the mousse wasn't too sweet. Plus, the marshmallow frosting was definitely unique and added texture to the cake. To be honest, I think I still dream about this cake...

As for the drinks, the London Fog was good, but the taste of the Earl Grey wasn't too strong. I'm not too sure about the Americano, but since my friend didn't voice any complaints, I'm assuming that it was pretty good!

TLDR; while this dessert restaurant is a little hidden from the rest of the Vancouver, it's definitely a place to go when you feel like treating yourself! 


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