Summer bags trends and top picks

We have just entered the season of beach-trips, super sunny weather, straw bags, wedges and flowy, chiffon dresses. This summer, there are so many trendy bags to choose from, so today, we will discuss what bag to choose for what summer occasion. 

1. Party at the beach  

There's nothing better than a fun, colorful party at the beach. Especially, if you're dancing in the sun, just to relax after down at the fire pit and drink some cooling cocktails. Here are the bags we would choose for a beach party. They look stylish, are very versatile to style and you only need to take the most necessary things with you. A good choice, besides classic straw bags, is the latest craze of jelly bags. Your stuff will definitely be protected in such bag, from all the dust, sand and water splash. 

Our top pick for the beach:

2. Brunch or shopping

Hanging out with a friend over brunch or going shopping is especially fun in the summer. Sitting outside over a coffee and enjoying beautiful city landscape while chatting and laughing. Eco bags and oversized straw totes are perfect here. You can pack a lot of stuff inside, so you don't need to carry too many bags. 

Our top pick for brunch/shopping

3. Summer formal event

For an office party, a wedding or any other outdoor, summer event, something cute, small but simple and classy will be perfect. 

Our top pick for a summer event

4. Summer office bag

Summer office bag doesn't need to be boring, as this season there are plenty of styles to choose from, which are office friendly, simple and chic, yet still carry the summer vibe.

Our top office bag pick

If you're loving the straw bags, check our full collection here:

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