Handbags with a twist.

This year's handbags, as seen on the fashion shows for Spring 2018, stopped being just a classic addition to the outfit, they have become the main element of focus, with bright colors, unique patterns and unexpected shapes. 

Luis Vuitton bag collection was filled with metallics, bucket-shaped, from small and round clutches to oversized shopper bags.  Here's our compilation of bags that will complement and highlight the trends of this upcoming season. 


1. Exposed stitching and embroidery. 

As much as embroidery has been present for a few seasons now, adding exposed stitching patterns is a refreshing addition to the mix. Great for the office look or brunch. 

$59.99 Exposed stitching/embroidery black and white bag


2. Round shapes and studs 

A barrel, circular, tear-drops shapes were the top picks when it comes to small clutches. If you're going for a little more of an edgy look, choose an option with studs or rivets, this will complement any party or monochrome look. 


$49.99 Studded small barrel-shaped clutch


3. Seeing red

If you look at what most of the influencers were rocking during the fashion weeks, you'll notice a small, square, burning red handbag. Now, that's a statement piece. It goes well with metallic apparel. If you're choosing plaid, red accessories like this one will add some extra touch of color. 

$59.99 Red clutch with studded insects 


4. Oversized shopper bag

This year's trends solved the unending problem of bags too small to carry all the shopping we're doing. And it's by adding a giant, yet versatile totes as a statement piece. It goes with any outfit, from casual, to chic and the best part is, it fits everything in. 

$29.99 Big white eco shopper bag 


 5. Art made out of sequins

Graphic bags with either a writing or a cartoon graphic, made out of sequins are the sparkling addition to our outfits we all need this Spring. If you're already tired of wearing metallics or full-on sequined clothes, now it's a good time to tone it down with your OOTD, yet shine it up with your bag. 

$49.99 Graphic sequined pop culture bag 


6. Straw bags

They have been present in every fashion blogger photos the last summer. Now making a comeback with more daring attitude, straw bag is a must-have. It's no longer just a summer, beachy accessory, now it's a fashion statement piece, that will keep you company at the office, brunch or on a date. 

$89.99 Tote box straw bag


Which of these statement pieces took the most of your attention? Let us know down in the comments. And if you post a photo with any of our bags, don't forget to tag us @impaviidstore for a chance to get featured!


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