How to choose the right swimsuit?

Getting the right swimsuit, now that's a task! Most of us spent hours and hours browsing through stores, both offline and online, to find that perfect swimming suit, to highlight your best assets. 

For years, you'd see every summer a bunch of guidelines on how to choose a beach outfit that will hide the unwanted excess of your body. We're gonna give you a different approach. 

What's your body shape?

Well, it doesn't matter! You're perfect the way you are and the function of the perfect swimming suit is to make you feel great about yourself. Instead of choosing by shape, choose by your mood and how you wanna feel!


High-waisted vs low-waisted


Low-waisted bikini is a classic piece, that is both comfortable and ensures you'll get as much tan as you want, choose if your main goal is being comfy running around the beach or just laying faced down, tanning. High-waisted, has this more of a vintage vibe, get it, if you're looking for a way to look fabulous in your straw-chair, chatting with friends. 


Best for swimming


Choose a simple one piece, without additional decorations, if your main goal is to spend as many hours in the water as possible. These swimsuits are super comfortable for swimming and you don't need to worry about part of your outfit untying, slipping or getting in your way. 




Going to a beach/pool party and your focus is to make everyone who sees you drop dead? Go for a daring style of a swimsuit. Ones with a lot of lacing are great for it. Or... Try one piece with plunging neckline!




If you're more of a timid girl, not that comfortable with too much exposure, try a ruffled swimming suit. Either one piece or two piece ones, with the addition of ruffles, will keep you covered. Not to mention, you'll look super trendy. 


If you want more beach time inspirations, check our related collections:

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