How to style a denim mini skirt

Styling a denim skirt couldn't be easier. It's an extremely versatile piece of clothing. It works like magic with any settings:


The denim skirt is definitely a perfect addition to any casual outfit. Pair it with a casual tee or a simple shirt, sneakers and you're ready to go. 

Top - White Chiffon Blouse, $19.99
Skirt - Casual Denim Skirt, $21.90
Bag - Japanese Knot Handbag, $9.99
Shoes - Casual Sneakers, $79.99


Denim skirts are a great addition to any fashionista outfit. They pair well with colorful, bold and flashy apparel and are easy to match up with different patterns and textures. 

Top - Stripped Floral Blouse, $39.99
Skirt - Embroidered Buttoned Up Denim Mini Skirt, $32.90
Bag - Chain Bag, $59.99
Shoes - Square Heel Rivet Sandals, $69.99


Want to look super chic? Nothing easier than putting on a classic denim mini paired with simple yet stylish accessories.  

Top - Quarter Sleeve Minimalist Sweater, $39.99
Skirt - Vintage Embroidered Denim Skirt, $24.90
Bag - Vegan Leather Korean Clutch, $59.99
Shoes - Mesh Mid Calf Boots, $89.90


If you need to attend a formal event, actually denim mini can be a good choice. Just avoid ripped or heavily distressed style go for simple or embroidered. 

Top - Baby Blue Chiffon Blouse, $39.99
Skirt - Mid Waist Denim Skirt, $39.99
Bag - White Vintage Mini Handbag, $91.90
Shoes - Pointed Toe Mules, $119.90


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