How to style minimalistic outfits

There is literally nothing easier than styling minimalistic outfit. All you need to do is combine simple colors, with simple cuts, in the same color scheme, adding solid color accessories, matching the overall tone of your outfit. 


To create a casual, yet minimal outfit, there's nothing simpler than just putting together either loose pants and a clear tee. Pairs well with white sneakers or monochrome mules.

casual minimalism outfit black and white

Top - Days Of The Week T-shirt, $39.99
Pants - Loose Chiffon Pants, $79.99
Bag - Big White Eco Shopper Bag, $29.99
Shoes - Pointed Toe Flat Mules, $89.99


If you wanna wear minimalistic outfits to the office, yet still look professional and stylish, combine simple but sophisticated colors (black, pale pink, white, gray, blue) with chiffon, satin or other silk-like fabrics.

minimalism office outfit ideas

Top - Minimalism Chiffon Laced Up Office Blouse, $79.99
Skirt - Minimalism Mid Calf Pleated Skirt, $69.99
Bag - Tote Box Straw Bag, $89.99
Shoes - Satin High Heels Vegan Leather, $69.99


Minimalism outfits can also be bold. All you have to do is put together matching, but contrasting colors. The key here is to avoid patterns. 

minimal and chic outfit idea

Top - Green Chiffon Blouse With Scarf, $59.99
Pants - Minimalism High Waisted Pants, $59.99
Bag - Dragon Fly Wallet, $59.99
Shoes - Suede Sandals Cruelty-free, $89.99


Minimal fashion is perfect for formal events. Go for a fully monochrome look with either a wrap or square-cut clothes. 

Dress - Minimalism Wrap Dress, $69.99
Bag - Korean Clutch, $59.99
Shoes - Pointed Toe Mules Cruelty-free, $119.90

If you're looking for more minimalistic inspiration, check our Minimalism Collection:

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