The design they had behind the counter

A Korean dessert café, MIlkcow Café, recently opened up in Richmond. Boasting a natural all-milk soft serve, and tons of unique flavors, it was definitely a place that I wanted to drop by.

It was a struggle getting there. The parking lot was obscure and difficult to get into, as well as getting out.

I ended up walking into the café at around 6:30 pm.

The café was actually surprisingly busy, so it took a while before I could place my order. But that wasn't too much of an issue because it gave me time to admire the interior and to think about the flavor I wanted.

I ended up deciding on a Café Latte, the Black Pearl and the Santorini.

The menu! (I think I changed my mind at least 3 times LOL;)

The ice cream flavors were undoubtedly unique. 

The Black Pearl was more normal-looking (not that it's a bad thing!), and was drizzled with hazelnut syrup (Nutella??) and have 'black pearls' (chocolate - possibly Maltesers) at the bottom.

I think the highlight was the Santorini. The huge cloud of cotton candy was an eye-catcher, and the tropical blue syrup was something that I had never seen in other ice cream places. Decorated with pistachio crumbles at the top and cereal bits at the bottom, the sweetness of the tropical syrup was easily balanced out by the rest of the cup.

The Café Latte wasn't bad either. It's not what I could call good coffee, but for a place that focuses more on their ice cream than their coffee, their coffee was pretty decent!

The Café Latte and the Black Pearl


The Santorini! (It also came with a chocolate wafer stick, holding up the cotton candy, but the wafer is hidden from view in this photo)

Overall, I think Milkcow is worth a try if you've never been! To be honest, the ice cream itself just reminded me of the ice cream from Soft Peaks, so it wasn't anything too shocking. But the flavors are unquestionably noteworthy.

Personally, I would not go again because the ice cream was a little more on the pricy side, and the location is far and difficult to get to. But I still enjoyed by visit and wouldn't be against going again if my friends wanted to try it out!

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