Straw bag obession

For a few seasons now, a straw bag has become an item that you will see in every Instagramers summer photos. And it seems, like this Spring & Summer, the craze will keep going, as shops are swamped with different and improved designs of the straw bag. Now, you can find a straw bag clutch, shopping bag, big, small, in a variety of colors. Below, we're sharing with you, our ideas on how to style the straw bag and which type to choose from. 


 1. A classic round Straw Bag

Circle Straw Mini Handmade Handbag, $32.90

How to wear it? It's small and versatile, it will match anything classic and simple. From casual jeans look, to a patterned or solid-color one-piece dress. 


2. A straw clutch

Vintage Straw Clutch Bag, $79.99 

How to wear it? This one goes well with a little more relaxed look. Anything vintage, floral, oversized, giving of a beach vibe, will go well with this bag. 


3. Straw bucket bag

Bohemian Bucket Straw Bag, $139.99

How to wear it? Try it for brunch or shopping. Gonna go well with either cropped skinny jeans or solid color cropped pants and a classic, loose blouse. Add some shiny square heels sandals and you're good to go. 


4. Square straw bag

Tote Box Straw Bag, $89.99

How to wear it? Try it with a little more formal look. The square shape work well with pencil skirts, as well as fit dresses with simple cutting. 


Are you trying the straw bag trend this season? If yes, don't forget to tag us @impaviidstore for a chance to be featured on our blog and social media. 

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