Photo of the Sugarfina bag

A while back, I stopped by Sugarfina in Vancouver to check out the assortment of treats that they had in store.

Walking into the store, they had an amazing well-lit display of all their sweets.

Every shelf was decorated with boxes of treats and it was basically a dream come true!

You had the option of buying small packages of candy, or boxes of candy (that came in small and large sizes), as well as box sets of candy

The box sets of candy would be perfect for a gift, but they do come at fairly high prices!

Having a huge sweet tooth, I'm definitely going to save up for a box set!! 

But for now, my poor wallet could only afford a few boxes of candy.

Luckily, I went just as Christmas ended, so they were having a mini sale for their Christmas-themed candies!

Photo of a part of their display, showcasing the box sets that you could buy!

I ended up buying 11 boxes of candy, and they were all wonderful!

The Pumpkin Pie Caramels are definitely the sweetest ones, so my family didn't like them much, but that means more for me!

The Gingerbread Men and Champagne Gummy Bears were both great too. And the Gingerbread Cookies had a wonderful crunch to them that I really liked!

The mini boxes that I ended up buying!

The only one that I wasn't sure if I liked was the Bella Rosa.
They were made with rosewater, and the taste of it just reminded me of perfume. It wasn't a bad taste! But it was just very perfume-y?

Overall, the taste of the Bella Rosa candies just left me confused. I'm still not sure if I like them...

If anyone tries them, let me know what you think! 


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