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Sunglasses or Visors? What to choose?

Summer season equals looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses. Some of us like a versatile style that will go with any outfit, some prefer to collect crazy shapes and colors. This season, however, there is one more choice. Visors.  So, should you invest in a pair? Are visors this summers must-have item? Yes, they are! And they will match most of your outfits too. Here's how to choose the right one for yourself.   Full on Visors  Brought to our attention this season by Dior, visors, (especially the yellow ones), have become a hot topic. They are great choice for the beach, while doing sport, comfortable and actually, quite easy to style, as you do not need to do...

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How to style minimalistic outfits

There is literally nothing easier than styling minimalistic outfit. All you need to do is combine simple colors, with simple cuts, in the same color scheme, adding solid color accessories, matching the overall tone of your outfit.  CASUAL MINIMALISM  To create a casual, yet minimal outfit, there's nothing simpler than just putting together either loose pants and a clear tee. Pairs well with white sneakers or monochrome mules. Top - Days Of The Week T-shirt, $39.99Pants - Loose Chiffon Pants, $79.99Bag - Big White Eco Shopper Bag, $29.99Shoes - Pointed Toe Flat Mules, $89.99 MINIMALISM IN THE OFFICE  If you wanna wear minimalistic outfits to the office, yet still look professional and stylish, combine simple but sophisticated colors (black, pale...

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How to style a denim mini skirt

Styling a denim skirt couldn't be easier. It's an extremely versatile piece of clothing. It works like magic with any settings: Casual The denim skirt is definitely a perfect addition to any casual outfit. Pair it with a casual tee or a simple shirt, sneakers and you're ready to go.  Top - White Chiffon Blouse, $19.99Skirt - Casual Denim Skirt, $21.90Bag - Japanese Knot Handbag, $9.99Shoes - Casual Sneakers, $79.99 Fashionista Denim skirts are a great addition to any fashionista outfit. They pair well with colorful, bold and flashy apparel and are easy to match up with different patterns and textures.  Top - Stripped Floral Blouse, $39.99Skirt - Embroidered Buttoned Up Denim Mini Skirt, $32.90Bag - Chain Bag, $59.99Shoes -...

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Kristen Bell gives us a lesson on how to wear a casual suit.

Last Thursday, Kristen Bell appeared on Ellen to discuss Frozen 2 and why Pandas are so adorable. Doing so, she managed to astonish the audience, as well as the netizens, on how well she is pulling of a casual suit in a flaming red-pinkish color, that most of us would not dare to wear.  If you haven't seen the segment yet, check it out below.  And if you're already on board with bold suits, see our collection below:   

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How to dress like Meghan Markle

Even before becoming known as Prince Harry's bride to be, Meghan Markle was known for her gorgeous fashion sense.  At first, she stunned everyone in an impossibly stylish wardrobe of the cast of "Suits". She has charmed everyone, showing her daily activities and a classy style, on her lifestyle website, The Tig (which is gone now, sadly). It is also, very necessary to mention her other achievement, as she sure is a role model for modern women. She became a global ambassador for World Vision Canada in 2016, and is an advocate for United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.  So, how do you dress like Meghan Markle? Start with basic colors.  Black, grays, whites. Casual version: Top: Chiffon V-Neck...

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