Coolest hair products

South Korea is very innovative when it comes to cosmetics. Their makeup and skincare products are of top quality, reasonably priced, anyone can find something suitable for themselves. And for a while now, they've been tinkering the hair makeup stuff. 

Here are some examples of unique, yet awesome hair-makeup products from South Korea. 


1. Innisfree Real Hair Makeup Tint 

When you need to touch-up around your hairline, this is the perfect product. Deals perfectly with small issues... But when your hairline and hair-parting show some serious spots, try thix next product:


2. Innisfree Real Hair Makeup Concealer 


This product will come to your rescue when needing covering up bigger spots or when you just want to make your hairline look fuller. 

3. Innisfree Hair Styling Tissue 

And now, this is a product which totally blows our minds. You can just run this tissue through your hair and give it texture. It will also take all the dirt away from your hair and make it ready for further styling. 

4. Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Mask. 

A sheet mask, for your hair. Works as well as sheet mask for your face, leaving your hair smooth, silky and awesome! 

Let us know if you're going to try or have tried any of these products!

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