Why you should clean out your closet ASAP

Spring, generally is associated with cleaning. April on the other hand, is a month of stress awareness. And isn't a messy closet, one of the most stressful things? Especially, if you need to get ready fast but all you can do, is dig through piles and piles of clothes, of which, none are good enough. 

You may have already organized your clothes or clean the furniture. But did you clear out the unnecessary stuff? Surprisingly, hardly anyone will clean out unused clothes. Most people will say "I'll still can wear it", or "I may need it". Do not fall for these excuses. There is a reason, why you didn't wear certain clothes for months (or years). 

Clutter and mess add to your stress and prevent you from relaxing. Fashion on the other hand, feeling good and confident in your clothes, are one of the best counter-measures for stress. 

For the next 7 days, we'll guide you through assembling a clean and useful wardrobe, where all the pieces match together, without having you worried ever again, that you have nothing to wear. 

Let's start slowly. First, get in front of your closet, prepare a place for two pilles of clothes: A (to donate) B(to put back), take one cloth after another and ask yourself these questions:

1. Does it fit? If no -> A, if yes continue with the questions.

2. Did you wear it in the past 12 months? If zero or less than five, pile A. If more than this, continue with the questions. 

3. Do you actually like it? If no -> A, if yes, keep going.

4. Do you feel confident/happy when you wear it? If no -> A, if yes, keep going. 

5. Is it broken? Is yes, throw it away, if no, pile B. 

Just remember, to be honest to yourself. Do not lie to yourself you're gonna loose weight and wear it few months later. Few months later, it may be out of style and just take the extra space in your closet. 

And remember, you can donate any clothes, that are not broken. You'll be happier with a clean space and knowing that you helped somebody. 

After you've clean out your closet, come back tomorrow to learn, what are the absolute basic you should have in your wardrobe. 


Take care and happy cleaning!




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