Help with IMPAVIID

Starting May 2018, our store will be taking part in various initiatives, spreading help wherever we can. Our main focus is the animal well-being as well as support for organizations and charities who stand for causes worth fighting for. 


First cause we're joining is helping raise funds for treatment of this cutie, rescued by our store's dear friend on streets of Beijing. 


Photos and introduction by the kind people who found her and are helping her recover. Our store will donate 10% of monthly sales between May 1st and May 30th to help pay for her treatments and recovery. You can also ask us for a direct donation link through PayPal if you'd like to help separately. 

'You can get to know someone's real nature by the way they treat animals'
The dog was found on the street after car accident right in front of vet clinic abandoned as no one wanted to pay for saving her. She was left to die with a crushed skull, bleeding from the nose and too dizzy to stand up on her own. People would be passing her by as she was laying on the cold street waiting to die alone.
We took her immediately to the vet and paid for critical condition operation. During the procedure, doctors cleaned her would and took out pieces of crushed skull from the brain. Miraculously, she survived and even though still very weak, she is recovering well at the pet clinic and her condition is stable. She still can't eat on her own, takes lots of medicines, and will need another operation that will fix the hole in the skull - right now even though the wound is healing, there's a 4-centimeter crack in the skull.
Doctors call her Xiao V (Little V) but we want to name her Qiji ('miracle'). She is very strong little doggy and wants to live, so we have high hopes for her successful recovery. Just look at this cute little face! She is the sweetest dog you could meet and we want to give her a happy doggy life that she deserves! 
Unfortunately, the bills are piling up and we spent basically all our money on the first operation ($4,700) and first few days in the hospital ($300/day). We won't have enough to cover the costs of the upcoming procedure (another $5,000 + recovery at hospital). We need your help! The sum is really high to pay by one or two people but if everyone donates just a little extra cash, collectively we can make it happen!
Animals are helpless in the nowadays world, they fully depend on humans, so it's our responsibility to take good care of them.
If there's excess in funds received, the remaining money will be transferred to: CatKind - an organization rescuing animals from the streets in Beijing, China.

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